Rent a room at the school's house

Learn Spanish while cooking empanadas and drinking the best wines from Chile

As of this year, we are offering the students the chance to rent a small room at the school’s house. This room is light and warm and has a shared bathroom on the first floor. 


A way of getting the most out of your learning  is living in a family house. This will give you the chance to learn more about the Chilean culture as well as continue practicing your spanish. 


Price for Standard Spanish Course + 7 days homestay (kitchen facilities included, no meals)

$575,00 usd for one person 


Horseback riding in Chile at Spanish School Speak Chile

Speak Chile Spanish School in Pucón Chile



Mobile: +56 9 9965 8454

Whatsapp: +56 9 39149891


Sara Ibacache S/N, Camino a Quelhue

El Claro, Pucón

Región de la Araucanía - Chile

Why choose Spanish School Speak Chile?

  • Customized Spanish lessons
  • Learn Spanish in real-world context
  • Local speakers
  • Homestay options in Pucón

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