Spanish programs in Chile

Learn Spanish while participating in adventures around Pucón

Learn Spanish while cooking empanadas and drinking the best wines from Chile

15 hours Spanish classes + Empanada and wine tasting (3h)

Enjoy some of Chile’s best wines and most beloved foods while practicing your cooking skills and building your food-related vocabulary. During this hands-on gathering you’ll make your own empanadas with a variety of popular fillings and taste wines from Chile’s renowned vineyards.


Price for Spanish classes and activity:

$350,00 usd  for one person 

$580,00 for two people

Learn Spanish and about Mapuche Culture

15 hours Spanish classes + Visit a Mapuche Ruka (house) (4h)

Pucón is located in the heart of the Araucanía—the ancestral and contemporary land of the Mapuche, the people indigenous to south-central Chile. Learning about the region’s indigenous culture provides a great way to hone your language skills and have an unforgettable experience. You’ll visit a ruka (home and gathering place for Mapuche families) and find out about Mapuche history, social structure, ceremonies, clothing, food, and more.


Price for Spanish classes and Mapuche visit:

$360,00 usd for one person 

$600,00  usd for two people

Horseback riding in Chile at Spanish School Speak Chile

15 hours Spanish classes + Half day horseback riding (4h)

Practice your language skills  in a beautiful natural setting  by heading out on horseback. You’ll converse with local guides, learn names of flora and fauna, and experience the magic of the region’s forests, mountains, and rivers. This is great way to develop vocabulary in a real-world setting and speak Spanish in a relaxed context, while also having a lot of fun! 


Price for Spanish classes and Horseback riding:

$400,00 usd per person 

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