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Learn Spanish in Pucón with Speak Chile
Speak Chile Language School in Pucón

Learn Spanish with fully customized language classes for every student

Depending on your interests and needs, we’ll create a Spanish class structure based on your goals, existing level, and the amount of time you plan to be in Pucón and Chile.

Our teachers are experienced in working with Spanish language learners of all levels. They incorporate engaging activities into every class session. You’ll have fun while improving your ability to communicate in real-world settings.


We offer:

✔ A full immersion environment

✔ Outings and excursions to learn Spanish in context

✔ Practice with local speakers

Spanish Classes in Pucón, Chile

No matter the duration, our classes give you the opportunity to build your Spanish skill set. Even if you only have a short time, our teachers will tailor made a course with a manageable amount of content that will allow you to increase your mastery of a particular facet of the Spanish language.


For example, if you’re a beginner, you may work on comfortably using travel-related vocabulary so you can more smoothly navigate your adventures in Chile. As an intermediate Spanish student, you may practice your use of the past tense in order to have more meaningful casual conversations with your new Chilean friends. Or if you are a more advanced speaker, we may spend time discussing themes related to Chilean culture or literature (that’s you, Pablo Neruda fans!).


Contact us for interesting online Spanish classes. 

One on one

10 classes, 50 mins each.

$220,00 usd per person

Private class

One hour


One on one

$28,00 usd per person

Brief course

10 hours


One person:

$220.00 usd per person


Two people:

$176,00 usd per person

If you're staying in Chile for longer, talk to us about longer-term courses.

Standard course

15 hours


One person:

$300,00 usd per person


Two people:

$240,00 usd per person

Intensive course

20 hours 


One on one

$380,00 usd per person


Two on one

$304,00 usd per person

* As of January 2023 prices are in usd. If you prefer to pay in clp, the exchange rate to be used, will be the one published by the Banco Central de Chile everyday. 

Looking for total immersion in the Chilean culture?

Stay with a local family to deepen your language learning experience.

Homestay in Pucón, Chile

Seven nights, three meals per day


$500,00 usd  per person

Pre-assessment test

Ready to get started? Take the assessment test to help us determine your current level. We'll use the results to design your Spanish class of study.

Speak Chile Spanish School in Pucón Chile

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Mobile: +56 9 9965 8454

Whatsapp: +56 9 39149891


Sara Ibacache S/N, Camino a Quelhue

El Claro, Pucón

Región de la Araucanía - Chile

Why choose Spanish School Speak Chile?

  • Customized Spanish lessons
  • Learn Spanish in real-world context
  • Local speakers
  • Homestay options in Pucón

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