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Located in one of the most spectacular settings in Latin America, Speak Chile is your basecamp Language School for learning Spanish in Chile, whether you’re just beginning or want to continue building your fluency.


Whether you’re in Pucón for just a few days or will be here in Chile for an extended stay, we offer Spanish classes to fit your travel schedule. You’ll learn Spanish in context, working with engaging teachers and taking part in activities set amongst the breathtaking landscapes around Pucón, Chile.


We offer a full immersion environment where you will build new vocabulary and language skills every day. Our personalized options give you the support and flexibility you need in order to build confidence and make progress toward your goals.

Full immersion classes

Full immersion Spanish classes

Our activity-based environment brings the Spanish language into the real world. Practice in class and during outings in the beautiful surroundings of Pucón.

Choose from the School's activity packages to combine your language classes with Chile's best outdoor adventures or cultural experiences where you’ll have additional opportunities to practice your Spanish.

Personalized Language School

Learn Spanish in Chile at the personalized language school Speak Chile

Spanish classes are tailored to your goals, existing level, and schedule. Options include full-day workshops, weeklong intensives, and multi-week courses.

Our teachers at Speak Chile Spanish School create meaningful tasks to help you expand your vocabulary, hone your grammatical usage, and build your conversation skills.

Spanish classes

At Speak Chile Spanish School, we offer a range of Spanish course options to fit your travel schedule and budget.  Our classes provide opportunities to practice all four areas of language learning: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. If you choose to complement your coursework with a homestay, you’ll learn even more about Chilean culture and be able to learn Spanish in a supportive environment.

Spanish programs

Learn Spanish in Chile while taking part in unforgettable adventures and cultural experiences. Our programs at the Spanish Language School go beyond the typical offerings: we work with guides and vendors who support our students’ language learning journey and are committed to continuing your full-immersion experience. Get to know our Spanish programs in Pucón Chile.

Gourmet program

Spanish School Pucon offers empanada and wine tasting Spanish program
Spanish lessons and empanada - wine tasting

Mapuche program

Visit a Mapuche Ruka and learn Spanish at Speak Chile Pucón
Visit a Mapuche Ruka and learn Spanish

Horseback riding program

Horseback riding and Spanish classes
Horseback riding and Spanish classes

Pucón - learn where the adventure awaits

Recognized as an adventure tourism hot spot, Pucón offers something for everyone. From hiking one of South America’s most active volcanoes and rafting down worldclass rivers, to relaxing on the beach and sampling savory cuisine, the opportunities for enjoyment are nearly endless. Pucón is Chile at its best and therefore the ideal place to learn Spanish in Chile.

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About Pucon
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  • Customized Spanish lessons
  • Learn Spanish in real-world context
  • Local speakers
  • Homestay options in Pucón

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