About the Spanish language school

Speak Chile Spanish Language School is dedicated to providing high-quality Spanish cla sses in Pucón, Chile that help each student advance to the next level in their communication. We use a full-immersion approach and engage students in real-world situations to give them opportunities to become confident users of the Spanish language. 


We work with a team of teachers who are experienced at creating meaningful tasks that help students build vocabulary, improve grammatical usage, and develop conversation skills. Our focus is on instilling students with useable language skills that allow them to more fully participate in a wide range of interactions - whether for work, play, or study.


The founder and director of Speak Chile Spanish and English Language School, Patricia Gebauer, has more than 20 years of experience teaching Spanish to travelers. She has taught Spanish to people from North America, Europe, Africa and other countries around the globe. A lover of languages in general, Patricia earned a degree in English pedagogy from the Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación in Santiago. For 16 years she co-directed Language Pucón, teaching and overseeing courses and trainings in English, Spanish, and other languages. 


Now, as director of Speak Chile, Patricia enjoys connecting with those who have come to Pucón for not only the opportunity for adventure but also to expand their horizons by taking on the challenge of learning Spanish. She and the rest of the team understand the ups and downs of learning a new language and are dedicated to providing the support that students need in order to have an enriching and satisfying experience. 


We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals for improving and enhancing your use of the Spanish language!

Speak Chile Spanish School in Pucón Chile

Email: info@spanishschool-pucon.com


Mobile: +56 9 9965 8454

Whatsapp: +56 9 39149891


Sara Ibacache S/N, Camino a Quelhue

El Claro, Pucón

Región de la Araucanía - Chile

Why choose Spanish School Speak Chile?

  • Customized Spanish lessons
  • Learn Spanish in real-world context
  • Local speakers
  • Homestay options in Pucón

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